Back to article: A modular cloning (MoClo) toolkit for reliable intracellular protein targeting in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

FIGURE 3: Targeting sequences direct GFP to different intracellular localizations. (A) Schematic overview of the general construction of expression plasmids using the MoClo approach. (B) Brightfield and fluorescence images of strains expressing NeonGreen fused to the targeting sequences indicated. Cells were grown in synthetic glucose media (SD-Ura) until mid-log phase, harvested and resuspended in PBS for imaging. TA, tail-anchor of Ubc6 for ER-targeting. Pictures were taken with a Leica Dmi8 Thunder Imager. All fluorescence pictures were taken as Z-stacks. Pictures were edited using ImageJ and CorelDraw. Scale bar, 5 µm.

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