Back to article: A modular cloning (MoClo) toolkit for reliable intracellular protein targeting in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

FIGURE 7: In the absence of selective pressure, the CEN/ARS MoClo plasmids are rapidly lost from yeast cultures. (A) Schematic overview of the experimental setup. Cells were transformed with the four indicated plasmids and first grown on minimal glucose media lacking uracil. After one day cells were shifted to full media, grown and maintained for several days. Each day 0.001 OD of cells were plated onto full media plates and subsequently replica plated on to minimal media plates to calculate the proportion of colonies that lost a plasmid. (B) Relative plasmid retention was calculated as the ratio of colonies on minimal media versus full media and normalized to day 0. The plot shows the mean values of five independent replicates (N = 5). The error bars represent the standard deviation. Standard deviation is only shown in one direction for better visibility of individual data points.

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