Back to article: Predictable regulation of survival by intratumoral microbe-immune crosstalk in patients with lung adenocarcinoma

FIGURE 5: Intratumoral microbe-immune crosstalk was associated with survival in LUAD patients. Microbe-immune cell interaction networks in (A) high- and (B) low-risk groups. Only edges with p < 0.05 were shown in the figure. The size of the node indicates the number of nodes connected to it in the network. The solid yellow line and the dotted gray line indicate positive and negative correlations, respectively. (C) Comparison of parameters of microbe-immune interaction network in high- and low-risk group. On the basis of Figure 5a and b, microbial-immune cell relationship pairs with an absolute value of correlation coefficient greater than 0.2 were screened, further resulting in network plots of (D) high- and (E) low-risk groups.

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