Back to article: A chemical genetic screen reveals a role for proteostasis in capsule and biofilm formation by Cryptococcus neoformans

FIGURE 4: A STRING analysis reveals that multiple cellular pathways and activities are regulated by lithium in C. neoformans, including the ubiquitin/proteasome system. The corresponding proteins of the 292 mutants found to be hypersensitive or hypertolerant to lithium were subjected to a STRING analysis using default settings. Network edges are based on confidence with line thickness indicating the strength of data support. Network clusters are color-coded and labeled. Note that the network was built based on data from C. neoformans strain JEC21. In some cases, the corresponding gene names for C. neoformans strain H99 are indicated. HOG, high osmolarity glycerol; PKA, protein kinase A; RAS, rat sarcoma.

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