Back to article: Balanced CoQ6 biosynthesis is required for lifespan and mitophagy in yeast

FIGURE 3: Chronological life span (CLS) is modified according to the phosphorylation state of Coq7. SDc-ura liquid cultures with 2% glucose as carbon source were inoculated at 0.1 OD660nm/ml with the indicated strains. After 5 days of growth, samples of each culture were harvested to measure the cell viability in YPD plates. The third day was used as control (100%). Plot shows a representative experiment repeated three times with similar results. See full dataset in Supplementary Material.

(A) CLS in COQ7 strains. Average life was coq7∆/pNMQ7 (12.1 ± 0.8), coq7∆/pRS316 (2.8 ± 0.2), coq7∆/pAAA (9.1 ± 0.7), coq7∆/pDED (11.4 ± 0.8) and coq7∆/pmQ7 (14 ± 0.8).

(B) CLS in PTC7 strains. Average life was BY4741 (12.7 ± 0.7), ptc7∆ (6.8 ± 0.4), ptc7∆ + 10 µM CoQ6 (6.9 ± 0.8) and ptc7/PTC7 (12.7 ± 0.5).

(C) CoQ6 of yeast strains analyzed in CLS experiment of PTC7 gene strains. Similar data for COQ7 gene CLS experiment was showed in Figure 1A. Cells from the indicated strains were subjected to mitochondrial purification, lipid extraction and quinone quantification. Samples were injected three times and the experiment was repeated at least three times.

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