Back to article: Cristae architecture is determined by an interplay of the MICOS complex and the F1FO ATP synthase via Mic27 and Mic10

FIGURE 1: Mic27 interacts genetically with Mic60 and deletion of Mic27 leads to altered cristae morphology. (A) Growth of WT, Δmic26, Δmic27, Δmic60, Δmic27mic60, and Δmic26mic60 strains were examined by serial dilutions on YPD (30°C) and YPEG medium (30 °C and 37°C). (B) Indicated strains were cultivated in YPEG, whole cells were chemically fixed and cryo-sectioned, and mitochondrial ultrastructure was determined by standard transmission electron microscopy. Size bars represent 100 nm. (C,D) Cryo-electron tomography of isolated wild type (C) and Δmic27 (D) mitochondria. Left: slice from a tomogram. Right: surface rendered representation of a crista indicated by red arrow in tomographic slice.