Back to article: Impact of F1Fo-ATP-synthase dimer assembly factors on mitochondrial function and organismic aging

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FIGURE 2: Deletion of PaAtpe or PaAtpg affects F1Fo-ATP-synthase dimer formation and mitochondrial inner membrane ultrastructure. (A) Southern blot analysis of HindIII- and EcoRV-digested genomic DNA (gDNA) of wild-type, ΔPaAtpe and ΔPaAtpg strains. The digested gDNA was hybridized with a specific PaAtpe, PaAtpg and Phleo probe, respectively, and demonstrated a successful deletion of PaAtpe and PaAtpg. (B) Representative BN-PAGE analysis of mitochondrial protein extracts from 6-days old wild-type, ΔPaAtpe and ΔPaAtpg strains. Mitochondrial complexes including S1, V2, I1, V1, III1 and IV1 were visualized by Coomassie staining. (C) EM of isolated mitochondria of wild-type and deletion strains of different age (6 days and 16 days old). The morphology of at least 50 organelles per strain and growth condition was analyzed. Representative images are shown at the same magnification. Scale bar: 0,2 µm.

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