Back to article: Impact of histone H4K16 acetylation on the meiotic recombination checkpoint in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

FIGURE 8: Analysis of Pch2 localization in H4K16ac-deficient mutants.

Immunofluorescence of meiotic chromosome spreads from zip1 (DP1123), zip1 sir2 (DP1124), zip1 H4-K16R (DP1121) and zip1 H4-K16Q (DP1139) stained with DAPI (blue) as well as with anti-HA to detect Pch2-HA (red) and anti-H4K16ac (green) antibodies. The arrows point to the rDNA region where Pch2 accumulates and is devoid of H4K16ac. Representative nuclei are shown. Spreads were prepared after 24 h of meiotic induction in ndt80 strains.

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