Back to article: Mutational analysis of fructose-1,6-bis-phosphatase FBP1 indicates partially independent functions in gluconeogenesis and sensitivity to genotoxic stress

FIGURE 8: Summary figure.

This figure summarizes the observed effects of the investigated mutations on FBPase catalysis, growth on non-fermentable SDEG and growth on SD-Ura agar containing 0.01% MMS. Featured are the normalized values corresponding to enzymatic activity measured in the wt-strain background, image quantification of drop-tests on SDEG of the fbp1∆-derived strains and averages of three independent replicates of drop-tests on SD-Ura agar with 0.01% MMS with both wt and fbp1∆ strains. Enzymatic activity and growth on SDEG were normalized to the strain over-expressing wt Fbp1p, while growth on SD-Ura agar with 0.01% MMS was normalized to the strain harbouring empty vector.

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