Back to article: Nutritional and meiotic induction of transiently heritable stress resistant states in budding yeast

FIGURE 3: YPA media induced acquired stress resistance. (A) WT or ndt80/∆ a/alpha diploid cells were grown in YPA media and subjected to H2O2 stress. 10-fold serial dilution spot assay of Naïve or YPA grown cells are shown. (B) WT and ndt80/∆ strains were incubated in sporulation media to induce spore formation or meiotic arrest respectively. Following dilution of these cells into YPD and incubation for xx hours (SPO →YPD), resistance to H2O2 was assayed using spotting tests. (C) 10-fold serial dilution spot assay of haploid cells grown in YPA media subjected to H2O2 stress or not is shown.

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