Back to article: Shepherding DNA ends: Rif1 protects telomeres and chromosome breaks

FIGURE 3: Conserved domains of Rif1. Rif1 orthologs from budding yeast (S. cere-visiae), fission yeast (S. pombe) and human (H. sapiens), aligned on the most conserved region of the protein (dark blue) present within the NTD, and corresponding to Pfam domain Rif1_N (residues 241-649 in S. cerevisiae, 108-471 in S. pombe, and 19-361 in H. sapiens). While the RVxF/SILK and NTD domains are found across organisms, RBM is only present in Saccharomycetes; the CTD domain is partially conserved from yeast to human (see text for details).

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