Back to article: Spontaneous mutations in CYC8 and MIG1 suppress the short chronological lifespan of budding yeast lacking SNF1/AMPK

FIGURE 1: Frequent adaptive regrowth of snf1∆ strains during chrono-logical aging under caloric restriction (CR- 0.5% glucose) conditions. (A) Qualitative CLS assay showing the rapid loss of viability by a snf1∆ strain (JS1394) compared to WT (JS1256) as the cells chronologically age in expired SC NR (2% glucose) medium. (B) Reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation in snf1∆ strains grown into stationary phase during CR culture conditions, as indicated by dihydrorhodamine 123 (DHR) staining. (C) CAN1 gene mutation frequency in WT and snf1∆ strains grown under NR and CR conditions.

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