Back to article: Spontaneous mutations in CYC8 and MIG1 suppress the short chronological lifespan of budding yeast lacking SNF1/AMPK

FIGURE 2: Characterization of snf1∆ bypass suppressor mutants that partially restore growth on alternative carbon sources and chronological lifespan. (A) Spot test growth assays of WT, snf1∆, and a subset of suppressor candidates on YEP plates containing glucose, ethanol/glycerol (Eth/Gly), or acetate as carbon sources. The top panel represents the haploid strains and the bottom panel represents a dominance test where the indicated MATa haploid candidate (i.e. A1-1) was crossed to a MATα snf1∆ strain (JS1399) to generate a diploid homozygous for snf1∆ and heterozygous for other mutations. (B) Quantitative CLS assays for WT (JS1256), snf1∆ (JS1394), and three suppressor candidates, JS1413, JS1416 and JS1418. Assays were terminated after 14 days to avoid any adaptive regrowth. Error bars indicate standard deviations.

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