Back to article: Spontaneous mutations in CYC8 and MIG1 suppress the short chronological lifespan of budding yeast lacking SNF1/AMPK

FIGURE 3: Mutations in MIG1 partially restore CLS to a snf1∆ strain. (A) Diagram of Mig1 protein domain organization showing the two zinc fingers (Zn-F), two regulatory domains (R1 and R2) and an effector domain (E) [77]. Red asterisk indicates the zinc finger mutated (C43F) in suppressor candidate JS1430. (B) Quantitative CLS assay showing short CLS of snf1∆ (JS1394) compared to WT (JS1256). The snf1 mig1-C43F mutant (JS1430) extends CLS compared to snf1∆. (C) Quantitative CLS assay showing similar partial CLS extension by deleting MIG1 in the snf1∆ background (JS1446). Deletion of MIG1 had little CLS effect on its own (JS1442). CLS assays were performed in SC 2% glucose conditions. Error bars indicate standard deviation.

77. Ostling J, Carlberg M, Ronne H (1996). Functional domains in the Mig1 repressor. Mol Cell Biol 16(3): 753-761.

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