Back to article: Spontaneous mutations in CYC8 and MIG1 suppress the short chronological lifespan of budding yeast lacking SNF1/AMPK

FIGURE 4: Distinct phenotypic differences between adaptation-derived cyc8 mutants and cyc8∆ mutants. (A) Growth of spores from tetrad dissection of CYC8/cyc8::kanMX4 or SNF1/snf1::kanMX4 CYC8/cyc8::kanMX4 heterozygous diploids. Spores were dissected onto YPD plates and grown for 5 days. (B) Flocculence phenotype of strains deleted for CYC8 compared to a representative adapted mutants from the screen (cyc8-G337S). Cultures were grown for 2 days on a roller drum, then briefly vortexed and allowed to settle for 5 min. (C) Spot test growth assay comparison of snf1∆ (JS1416) suppression phenotype compared to the snf1 cyc8∆ mutant (JS1491), which grows very poorly. A cyc8∆ mutant (JS1490) also grows poorly.

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