Back to article: Untargeted metabolomics confirms and extends the understanding of the impact of aminoimidazole carboxamide ribotide (AICAR) in the metabolic network of Salmonella enterica

TABLE 3. Changes in central carbon metabolism reverse consequences of purH deletion.

Metabolite fold changes were quantified in untargeted metabolomics analyses of WT and mutant strains of S. enterica. Cells were grown in glucose minimal medium supplemented with adenine and thiamine and harvested during early (ES) and late stationary (LS) phase growth phases in duplicate experiments, each consisting of 3 biological replicates.

a Fold changes were the ratio of the average MS ion intensities in WT and ΔpurH strains (ΔpurH/WT ).

b Fold changes were the ratio of the average MS ion intensities in ΔpurH and ΔpurH double mutants (ΔpurH mutX/ ΔpurH).

c p-values indicative of statistically significant differences are denoted by: **(<0.05), ***(<0.01).

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