Back to article: Ydj1 governs fungal morphogenesis and stress response, and facilitates mitochondrial protein import via Mas1 and Mas2

FIGURE 2: Ydj1 is required for adaptation to high temperature. (A) Ydj1 regulates temperature-dependent morphogenesis. Wild-type (WT), ydj1Δ/ydj1Δ mutant and YDJ1 complemented strain, FLAG-YDJ1/ydj1Δ, were subcultured in YPD medium containing 10% serum and incubated at 37°C for 4 hours or in YPD medium at 39°C for 3 hours; filamentation was compared to cells grown in YPD medium at 30°C. Bar, 10 μm. (B) Viability assay after high temperature growth. Viability of the wild-type and ydj1Δ/ydj1Δ mutant was assayed by spotting 5 μl of culture from cells grown at 30°C or 39°C for 3 hours onto YPD. Plates imaged after 48 hours.

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