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FIGURE 2: Schematic diagram of a shotgun approach to clone a small viral genome in fission yeast. (Top) the pYZ1N vector contains a wild type nmt1 promoter [68, 196]. It carries a LEU2 gene for selection. pYZ2N contains the wild type nmt1 promoter and a URA4 gene selection marker. (Bottom) pYZ3N-GFP contains the same nmt1 promoter as pYZ1N and has an added green fluorescent protein GFP tag. The α-peptide of β-galactosidase is used for selecting DNA inserts with α-complementation. Unique cloning sites in these vectors are indicated. ars1, origin of replication from S. pombe; Leu2, Saccharomyces cerevisiae leucine biosynthesis gene; AmpR, bacterial ampicillin resistance gene. Adapted from [36, 68]. Note that nothing is new in molecular features of shuttle vectors described. Goal of this figure is to illustrate a robust and streamlined strategy of shotgun gene cloning of a small viral genome.

36. Li G, Poulsen M, Fenyvuesvolgyi C, Yashiroda Y, Yoshida M, Simard JM, Gallo RC, Zhao RY (2017). Characterization of cytopathic factors through genome-wide analysis of the Zika viral proteins in fission yeast. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 114(3): E376-E385. 10.1073/pnas.1619735114
68. Zhao Y, Elder RT, Chen M, Cao J (1998). Fission yeast expression vectors adapted for positive identification of gene insertion and green fluorescent protein fusion. Biotechniques 25(3): 438-440, 442, 444.
196. Maundrell K (1990). nmt1 of fission yeast. A highly transcribed gene completely repressed by thiamine. J Biol Chem 265(19): 10857-10864.

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