FIGURE 1: Generation of inducible yeast models of proteopathies.

(A) Schematic of polyQ-GFP expression cassettes under the control of the β-estradiol inducible promoter.

(B) Chronology of polyQ-GFP protein accumulation, followed by fluorescence microscopy, in cells induced with 50 nM β-estradiol. The bar is 5 µm.

(C) and (D) Yeast CLS. Survival of wild-type cells expressing 25Q or 103Q from a β-estradiol-inducible promoter activated with the indicated amounts of inducer or supplemented with the solvent (ethanol) was estimated by propidium iodide (PI) staining and flow cytometry analysis of 10,000 cells. Data is an average of three samples in % of cells alive at day 0 (72 h after inoculation). In (D) a β-estradiol titration was performed.

(E) Time-course of endogenous cell respiration during the first day in stationary phase of growth of non-induced and induced 103Q cultures.

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