FIGURE 1: (A) Complex modifications found in the anticodon stem loop (ASL) of tRNA. (B) Codon table with decoding tRNAs, based on Johansson et al. [47].

Blue highlighted cells are decoded by t6A modified tRNAs in S. cerevisiae. In parenthesis is the number of genomic copies of that tRNA followed by the anticodon (underlined) and base at position 37. Black, grey, and colored circles indicate a codon decoded by that tRNA predicted by the wobble hypothesis, with grey indicating a tRNA less likely to decode that codon, and colors are matching those in Figure 6 and 7. For AUG, four genes code for tRNAiMet, and five code for tRNAeMet. Modification symbols are from Modomics [44]. Ψ – pseudouridine, & – ncm5U, I – inosine, 3 – mcm5s2U, 1 – mcm5U, # – Gm, ~ – ncm5Um, Y – wybutosine, K – m1G, 6 – t6A, + – i6A, and O – 1-methylinosine.

47. Johansson MJO, Esberg A, Huang B, Björk GR, and Byström AS (2008). Eukaryotic wobble uridine modifications promote a functionally redundant decoding system. Mol Cell Biol 28(10): 3301–3312.

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