(A) TEM images of WT and ρ0 cells growing in YPD medium with or without treatment of 0.6 M NaCl for 1 hr. A normal cell wall structure was observed in WT either with or without NaCl. The cell wall structure was damaged in ρ0 cells upon NaCl treatment. Arrows indicate damaged cell wall. N = nucleus.

(B) ρ0 cells are hypersensitive to SDS after NaCl treatment. Cells were first grown in YPD liquid media containing 0.6 M NaCl for 1 hr, then washed, treated with 0.1% SDS for 0.5 hr, spotted on YPD plates using 4 μl of 1:5 serial dilutions and incubated for 2-3 days at 30οC.

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