FIGURE 1: Downregulation of YAP1 leads to accumulation of reactive oxygen species and flocculation, whereas YAP1 co-overexpression enhances secretion of recombinant trypsinogen.

(A) Transcript levels of YAP1 measured by quantitative real time PCR in the strains X-33, trp, trp∆yap1 and trpYAP1.

(B) ROS were measured with the fluorescent dyes DHE and DHR in the wild type (green), the trpYAP1 strain (blue) and the trp∆yap1 strain (red).

(C) Microscopic images of X-33, trpYAP1 and trp∆yap1 after 20 h of cultivation in M2 medium.

(D) Amounts of secreted trypsinogen in the strains trp, trp∆yap1 and trpYAP1 measured with TAME assay. The average of 10 clones per strain and the standard error of the mean (SEM) are shown, the significance of differences is indicated by *** (P < 0.01).

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