FIGURE 2: Filamentous C. albicans cells are more resistant than blastospores to AMB-induced programmed cell death in an MCA1-dependent manner. Viability curves compare survival of the following cells exposed to AMB: (A) wild type (BWP17) blastospores and BWP17 filaments induced using 10% FBS; (B) BWP17-derived ΔΔmca1/mca1 blastospores and ΔΔmca1/mca1 filaments induced using 10% FBS; and (C) ΔΔmca1/mca1::MCA1 blastospores and ΔΔmca1/mca1::MCA1 filaments induced using 10% FBS. Error bars indicate standard deviations for trials with at least three independent cultures. Note that after 3 hr, cells cultured in rich media without any drugs were able to grow and to divide, hence the relative viability levels that are greater than 100%. A single, double, and triple asterisk indicates statistical significance of p < 0.05, p < 0.005, and p < 0.0005, respectively, as compared to treated controls. Statistical significance was determined with the unpaired Student’s t-test.

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