FIGURE 2: The modular gene architecture reflects the dual localization of PfAOP.

(A) Schematic summary of gene and protein sequence comparisons between Prx5 isoforms from apicomplexan parasites. The targeting sequence of PfAOP and predicted pre-sequences (PS?) are indicated. The scheme is based on data bank entries TGGT1_038055, NCLIV_014020 and the entries given in Fig. S4.

(B) Confocal live cell imaging of blood stage parasites expressing the indicated PfAOP-GFP chimera.

(C) Subcellular fractionation and western blot analyses of the GFP-expressing strains from panel b. PfAOP∆N-term-GFP was detected at approximately 49 kDa in accordance with the calculated molecular mass. As expected for successful BTS-processing upon apicoplast import, the calculated/detected molecular masses for PfAOPBTS-GFP and PfAOPM71A/M77A-GFP were 35/25 and 55/49 kDa, respectively.

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