FIGURE 2: Reference map of strain ISA1307 mitochondrial proteome and immunoblot analysis of proteins found to be differentially expressed in 2-DE gels of ISA1307 acetic acid – treated cells.

(A) The 2-DE PAGE-based protein reference map was generated from strain ISA1307 cells treated with an apoptosis – inducing acetic acid concentration. Spots altered upon treatment are represented by numbers.

(B) Immunoblot analysis of the mitochondrial protein levels of Tef1/2, HSP90, Eft1/2, Aco1/2, actin, porin and the mitochondrial marker protein Tom22 in 20 µg of total protein extracts of strain ISA1307 cells treated with 300 mM of acetic acid for 200 min or untreated. The anti-HSP90 antibody detects both protein species of the HSP90 chaperone family, Hsc82 and Hsp82.

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