(A) RT-PCR analysis of ρ0 cells showing SCW11 expression upregulated compared to WT. SCW11 expression in ρ0 cells was decreased when treated with 0.6 M NaCl for 30 min, but still higher than in WT cells.

(B) Quantitative analysis of the RT-PCR bands from three independent experiments.

(C) and (D) The cell wall gene SCW11 is involved in salt stress-induced cell death in ρ0 cells.

(C) When treated with NaCl, SDS, or both, no apparent change is observed in the growth of WT cells when SCW11 is either deleted or overexpressed.

(D) Deletion of SCW11 in ρ0 cells (ρ0-scw11) increases their resistance to salt; SCW11 overexpression (ρ0+SCW11) causes cells to become more sensitive to SDS after NaCl treatment (0.6 M NaCl for 1 hr). The BG1805 empty vector (WT/ρ0+vector) was used as a negative control. Cells were spotted on YPG using 4 μl of 1:5 serial dilutions and cultured at 30οC for 3-4 days.

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