FIGURE 3: IGP40 and IGP48 are required for normal cell proliferation.

(A) qRT-PCR of control and tetracycline-induced RNAi lines for IGP34, IGP40 and IGP48 24 hours post-induction (n = 3). Right panel shows a Western blot of IGP48 following RNAi induction after 24 hours with β-tubulin as loading control.

(B) Growth curves of control and tetra-cycline-induced RNAi lines for IGP34, IGP40 and IGP48, showing a growth defect within 24 hours post induction. Representative results for one of two clonal cell lines for each construct studied are shown (n = 2) (all subsequent experiments were performed using this cell line). Cultures were diluted daily to maintain cell densities between 105 and 2 × 106 cells/ml, and a cumulative pseudo-growth curve is shown. Counts were carried out in triplicate, error bars represent standard error of the mean.

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