(A) Nucleotide sequence of the mim3-1 region in the 15S rRNA. The nucleotide sequence of 629-754 region in the mitochondrial 15S rRNA of various strains is shown. Sequences are from: 1-[50]; 2: [51]; 3: [17]; 4 and 5: [11]. The position 633 is the only one mutated in the ochre suppressors MSU1 and mim3-1. The underlined bases are engaged in a stem structure.

(B) Position of mim3-1 on the 530 stem-loop secondary structure. On the right the structure of yeast mitochondrial 15s rRNA is shown which is homologous to the 530 bacterial one, numbered from 5′. The G633 which is replaced by C in mim3-1 and by A in MSU1 suppressors [11] is boxed. On the left the 530 stem-loop structure of the 15S rRNA in Eubacteria is shown with numbering according to E.coli. The substitution of G530 (circled) by either C, A or U is lethal in E.coli [28]. Note that the boxed triplet in both structures is complementary and may interact in the tertiary structure according to [22, 23].

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