FIGURE 5: The IGP ectodomain is required for retention.

(B) Kinetics of protein secretion. BSF trypanosome cells expressing IGP48-HA, BiPN-IGP48 and BiPN were pulse-labeled with 35S-Met/Cys for 15 minutes and then chased for 3 hours. At 0 and 3 hours cultures were separated into cell and medium fractions. Labeled proteins were immunoprecipitated with anti-HA and separated by SDS-PAGE. OE, OverExposure to reveal a 70 kDa proteolytic fragment (P) cleaved from BiPN-IGP48. Lower panel: Detailed kinetics of BiPN-IGP48 secretion. Cells were pulse-labeled with 35S-Met/Cys for 15 minutes and at the indicated chase times, aliquots were treated as described above. The proteolytic BiPN-IGP48 50 kDa fragment (P) appears in the medium after 1 hour.

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