FIGURE 5: The IGP ectodomain is required for retention.

(A) Western blot analysis of surface-biotinylated (Pellet) and non-biotinylated (Supernatant) cells to detect surface-exposed IGP proteins and chimeras. Blots were also probed for an intracellular (TbRabX1) and surface (ISG75) control, to demonstrate that cells are intact and that surface components are successfully biotinylated. Note that the Pellet lanes have been moved in Photoshop simply for clarity and no other manipulation has taken place. Surface presence of BiPN-IGP48 and BiPN-IGP40 was further demonstrated by confocal microscopy. Non-permeabilised cells were stained with anti-HA antibodies (red) and for DNA (blue). Scale bar = 1 μm.

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