FIGURE 6: Subcellular localisation of BiPN-IGP48 chimeras is not dependent on the lumenal domain.

(A) The IGP48 CLEC (dCLEC) or trimerisation lumenal domain (dTRIM) was replaced with the BiP ATPase domain and the location determined by immunofluorescence. In each case the BiPN chimera is in red and a marker protein visualised using polyclonal antibodies is in green. Scale bar = 1 μm. Verification of protein expression was carried out by Western blot (inset at right). Due to low expression, blots have been deliberately overexposed and relevant reactivity is indicated with arrows.

(B) Turnover of dCLEC and dTRIM constructs. Protein degradation following cycloheximide treatment was monitored as described in Figure 2. Experiments were done in duplicate and error bars indicate standard error of the mean.

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