FIGURE 6: DmPGC-1α/spargel protects against hHttExQ93-induced climbing defects.

(A) List of genotypes of the transgenic flies examined. The first exon of human huntingtin gene with 20 (UAS-hHttExQ20) or 93 (UAS-hHttExQ93) repeats of polyQ, and GFP (UAS-CD8GFP) or DmPGC-1α/spargel (UAS-DmPGC-1α) were expressed by the pan-neuronal driver elavC155-GAL4.

(B) Climbing performance of wild-type, GFP over-expressing flies, and hHtt-expressing flies that co-expressed GFP or PCG-1α at the ages of 2, 10 and 20 DAE (days after eclosion). Ten groups (10 flies in each, total one hundred flies) of each genotype and age were tested. All data were presented as mean ± S.D. n = 10. Significance level was established by One-Way ANOVA post hoc Tukey’s test. *** P < 0.001.

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