FIGURE 6: Exposure to a calcium ionophore can reinstate the egress and motility of the PTS-knockout strain. (A) Ionophore-induced egress in the parental or Δtgpts strains. Parasitized cultures (MOI, 1; 48 h infection) were stimulated with 5 µM A23187 prior to fixation and staining. Percentage of egressed vacuoles was determined in at least 10 random fields at each time point. Note that the mutant exhibits a natural egress defect, which is amended within 2-3 min of drug exposure. (B-C) Motile fractions and trail lengths of the parasite strains treated with or without ionophore (5 µM A23187). About 500 parasites of each strain were analyzed for TgSag1 trails. Graphs in panel A-C show the mean ± SEM from 3 assays (student’s t-test, *p<0.05, **p<0.01).

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