FIGURE 8: Co-immunoprecipitation assay.

(A) Co-immunoprecipitation of PAP with either AtBI-1 or AtBI-1ΔC. Total proteins isolated from yeast cells induced to express PAP, AtBI-1, AtBI-1ΔC and vector control (VC) for 6 hours were incubated with V5-antibody and immunoprecipitated with protein A-Sepharose beads. Immunoprecipitated proteins were separated on 15 %SDS-PAGE, transferred to nitrocellulose and probed with affinity purified PAP antibody or with V5-antibody.

(B) The total lysate from cells expressing PAP, AtBI-1 and AtBI-1ΔC subjected to SDS PAGE/immunoblot analysis using V5 and PAP-antibody to show the level of expression of both proteins.

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