Microbial Cell scores strong in the Quality Open Access Market evaluation

Quality Open Access Market (QOAM) provides a quality assessment platform for open access journals. For that purpose, QOAM solicits the judgement of the academic community by asking researchers to score their experience with the publication process of their manuscripts in a given journal and thus share their insights with the community.

We are happy to learn that Microbial Cell has scored highest in the so-called journal’s SWOT matrix, which classifies open access journals into four journal categories: (i) strong and (ii) weaker journals, (iii) those representing a threat (to authors) and (iv) journals which are an opportunity (to publishers). Microbial Cell has been ranked as a strong open access journal. We are especially pleased that Microbial Cell scored 4.9/5 points in the so-called Valuation Score Card, which is the actual reality check that mirrors author experiences with a journal.

We will continue in this line of work to further maintain this level of quality and improve where possible. We also want to thank all authors that have shared and share their positive experience with us!


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