Back to article: Up-regulation of Osh6 boosts an anti-aging membrane trafficking pathway toward vacuoles

FIGURE 5: Up-regulated Osh6 works through the TGN-LE trafficking pathway. (A) The Pma1-mCherry distribution in the indicated strains. The respective control for each indicated mutant is shown on the left with Pma1-mCherry. PERG6OSH6 side means PERG6OSH6 Pma1-mCherry carrying the indicated mutations listed on the left. Early log phase cells grown in YEPD were photographed. (B) Comparison of growth on metal-containing media. Five μl of 10-fold serially diluted cells (starting from the left 0.1 OD600/ml) were spotted on YEPD or YEPD with the indicated salts and grown at 30°C for two days.

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