Back to article: Single telomere length analysis in Ustilago maydis, a high-resolution tool for examining fungal telomere length distribution and C-strand 5’-end processing

FIGURE 2: STELA analysis of UT6-containing telomeres. (A) Schematic illustration of two classes of UT6-containing telomeres in U. maydis. Note that the 770 bp estimate for UT6-A subtelomeres is based on our cloning and sequencing of STELA products and is considerably longer than the previously reported 519 bp estimate. (B) STELA assays were performed using wild type DNA as well as the UT6-F and teltail primers. Following gel electrophoresis and transfer to a nylon membrane, the products were first detected using a UT6 subtelomeric probe (left panel). Subsequently, the UT6 probe was stripped from the membrane and the products re-analyzed using a TTAGGG repeat probe (right panel).

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