Table 1: Nucleotide sequence of mitochondrial mutations suppressed either by the 15S mitochondrial ribosomal RNA mutation mim3-1 or by the dominant nuclear mutation Nam9-1 encoding the ribosomal protein S4 or by the recessive nuclear mutation nam3-1.

The mutated site is given with its surrounding context. The base present in the mutant is indicated in bold characters, above the mutated codon which is underlined. ORF-bi2 and ORF-bi4: Open reading frames coding for RNA-maturase of the second and fourth introns of the cytochrome b gene respectively; COX2: uninterrupted gene encoding the subunit II of cytochrome oxidase; fs: frameshift mutation. The results of suppression are from [5, 6] for nam3-1 and mim3-1 and [12] for NAM9-1. The numbers correspond to the distance of the nucleotide sequence, in base pairs, from the first base of the initiation codon ATG.

5. Kruszewska A, Slonimski PP (1984a) Mitochondrial and nuclear mitoribosomal suppressors that enable misreading of ochre codons in yeast mitochondria. I. Isolation, localization and allelism of sup-pressors. Curr Genet 9: 1-10.

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